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Project Report



The project proposal (in prescribed proforma referred to in para 3) should be supported by a detailed project report. The project report amongst others, should contain the following : 

4.1 General :

  • Literature survey and state of the art bringing out clearly the recent development in the proposed field both in the country and in other parts of the world. This should be in two parts, viz. Indian and International situations.

  • Details of expertise available and work done in the proposed field in the institution concerned. Details of infrastructure facilities available in the institution should be clearly mentioned. 

  • Details of expertise available elsewhere in the country in the proposed field and details of interaction and linkages proposed with such agencies. 

  • The past experience of Implementing Agency in the execution of the project vis-a-vis time schedule. 

  • Views of the end users of the research findings. 

  • Utilization of research results : It is necessary to widely disseminate the research results to facilitate its use by industry, teaching and research communities. The intent of this section is to get an idea of how the interaction between researchers and potential users of research results could possibly be catalysed, stimulated and maintained. In this light, therefore, a utilisation plan is solicited. The interaction could be promoted by periodic presentation to inform audience for their expert guidance. Circulation of interim report to industry and scientific community could be another mechanism. Please list appropriate activities with brief  description.

4.2 Financial :

For proposed new mining methods, Coal beneficiation, Coal utilization and development of any system or chemical, etc., the operating cost per tonne of coal production should be calculated. For any other type of project proposal, cost of production should be mentioned wherever possible.