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12.1    Director (RD&T), CMPDI or his representative(s) shall visit the implementing agency and site of work to oversee the progress of the project as often as necessary but at least once in 6 months. The site of work may be visited by them without any  prior intimation. Quarterly progress reports and expenditure statements of the ongoing projects will be submitted by implementing agencies in the prescribed format (Form III, IV & V) to CMPDI so as to reach by 20th of the month following close of the quarter and will be scrutinized by CMPDI. 

12.2    In case of major projects ( with approved cost of more than Rs. 25.00 lakhs with educational and research institutions and more than Rs.100.00 lakhs with coal companies and CMPDI), if desired by SSRC/Nodal agency, the implementing agency will constitute a Project Advisory Committee in consultation with CMPDI to review the progress of work from time to time at least once in six months and make constructive suggestions. Honorarium to each committee member, not employed by the institution, and travel expenses would be covered in accordance with the codal provisions of Delegation of Financial Powers and Rules (DFPRs) of Govt. There would be a ceiling on total amount of honorarium in terms of the instruction of Govt. of India issued from time to time. The cost of travel etc. would be covered under the ceiling provided in the guidelines and in no case would exceed AC I class train fare.

12.3    After every two years, a consolidated report of progress made against the objectives and approved work programme shall be submitted by implementing agencies to CMPDI in 15 copies, for in-depth review by the sub-committee concerned.