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  • 1.1  Standing Scientific Research  Committee (SSRC)

    • Standing Scientific Research Committee (SSRC) of the Ministry of Coal under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Coal), with members from industry, CMPDI, Ministry of S&T, Planning Commission, research and educational institutes and retired eminent scientists, amongst others, is the Apex body to plan, programme, budget and oversee the implementation of research projects and seek application of research findings. The committee meets as often as necessary, but atleast twice in a year.

  • 1.2  Sub-committees of SSRC

    1. The SSRC is being assisted by four Sub-committees, each dealing with one of the major areas. These are :

      • Production, Productivity & Safety

      • Coal Beneficiation

      • Coal Utilization

      • Environment & Ecology

    2. The roles of the Sub-committees are : 

      • Consideration of new projects 

      • Evaluating capabilities of the agencies on the basis of expertise and infrastructure available with them to take up R&D work 

      • Monitoring of progress of on going projects, laying down guidelines for further work and terminating the projects where progress is not considered satisfactory.

      • Appraisal of completion reports

      • Seeking application of findings of completed projects 

  • 1.3  Nodal Agency

    • The Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited (CMPDI) is the Nodal Agency for co-ordinating S&T programme in the coal sector. CMPDI also assists the Sub-committees of SSRC in discharge of their function. The job of co-ordination involves inviting fresh research proposals, carrying out first level scrutiny, processing the scrutinized proposal for approval of Sub-Committee of SSRC, monitoring of the progress of the projects at regular intervals, framing S&T budget estimates, dissemination of research findings and promoting their application to field operations. The project proposals may be, if necessary, referred to independent experts for their opinion on, among other issues, the scientific and technical merits of the project and the proposed methodology.

    • The guidelines given hereafter provide general information. For any clarification or further details, the Director(RD&T) and /or the Chief General Manager (S&T), CMPDI may please be approached.