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Although, a project is sanctioned at a given total cost, funds will be released on the basis of yearly requirements taking note of the progress of work and expenditure incurred. Reallocation of funds amongst different heads require specific approval of CMPDI and/or the Sub-committee concerned of SSRC

The first installment of grant will be released by CMPDI within two months of the receipt of the request in the prescribed form (Form-II) in triplicate. Project duration should be worked out taking this fact into consideration. Request from the Implementing agency for release of subsequent installment of grants should also be submitted two months in advance of the date by which the funds released earlier are likely to be exhausted. The sanctioned equipment should be procured immediately to avoid escalation in its cost. The equipment which have not been included in the proposal should not be procured. 

Request for the subsequent installment of the grant will be considered only, if the following documents are enclosed or have already been sent

  • Expenditure statement upto the previous quarter in form III duly authenticated by associated finance of the institute, in triplicate.

  • Cost details of permanent equipment/assets in form IV, in triplicate.

  • Quarterly progress report for the previous quarter in form V, in triplicate.