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The following shall be specifically looked into while carrying out technical evaluation of the proposal.

  1. The project proposal falls within the approved thrust areas for S&T activities in the coal and lignite sector. 

  2. The objectives are clear and well defined.

  3. The work programme is in detail, with time frame of each activity spelt out. 

  4. Adequacy of infrastructure and expertise available with the agency concerned for implementing the S&T proposal. 

  5. Views of end users of research findings have been properly recorded and considered.

  6. Realistic time frame for purchase of equipment and recruitment of manpower, these being critical areas, whose inadequacy may be responsible for slippage.

9.2 General 

The following would be looked into by the Nodal Agency/Sub-committee before the proposal is recommended for funding:

  1. The track record of Research Institute/Implementing Agency proposing S&T project to see if the project given to them are being implemented or are resulting in cost and time overrun. The projects already under execution should be scrutinsed to ascertain the performance of the project proponent in the field. 

  2. Through a Data Bank to be maintained by Nodal Agency, it will be ensured that the proposed project or similar project has not been implemented in the past. 

    Techno-economic feasibility of the project.